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Brazil, 70 min - 55 min, 4K, Feature, 2020

Directed by
Thais Fernandes

Original argument
Jessica Luz

Vulcana Cinema, GloboNews, Globo Filmes e Epifania Filmes


Lança Filmes

Portuñol dives in the culture of the border areas between Brazil and its neighbors Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The portuñol, a language born from the intersection of cultures, is a pretext to speak about the genesis of Latin America. A journey that goes from the south to the north of the country, undoing physical limits and unveiling the Latinicity that unites different characters. A deconstructing path that does not seek an answer, but rather to break all possible certainties of what it means to exist at the edges of cultural definitions.