Over Seven Sparkling Green Waves

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Brazil, Feature documentary, 2013

Directed by
Bruno Polidoro and Cacá Nazario

Written by
Bruno Polidoro, Cacá Nazario and Tatiana Nequete

Besouro Filmes


Distribution Brazil
Boulevard Filmes

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Looke, GloboPlay, Canal Curta, Apple TV, YouTube Films and Google Play

A poetic roadmovie built through the life and work of brazillian writer Caio Fernando Abreu.

Santiago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Paris, London, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo. The cities that witnessed the brief life of the poet, playwright and writer Caio Fernando Abreu (1948-1996) are now revisited and covered with fragments of his works and memories of his friends, such as Maria Adelaide Amaral, Grace Gianoukas and Adriana Calcanhoto.