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Brazil, One season with 4 episodes, HD, 2014

Directed by
Bruno Polidoro, Carlos Gerbase, Fabiano de Souza, João Gabriel de Queiroz

Besouro Filmes and Rainer Cine

FAC 2013 / Histórias do Sul

The city seen through stories that happen in the Ocidente, the bar that was home for all the artistic and loving extravaganzas of generation after generation. In the particular characteristics of the nightlife in the last few years, Ocidentes shows how Porto Alegre’s party nature has changed over the last four decades.

The nighttime parties, the alcoholic preferences, the gestures and the slang spice up four visual tales inspired by the Ocidente Bar. At the same time that each story is independent, with particular characters, the progression of the episodes create a narrative that maps how the human and social relations change. The ways of talking, dancing, dating, relating and communicate vary from decade to decade and help to tell a story of Porto Alegre through one of life’s most interesting facets. The nightlife.