5 Houses

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Brazil / Germany, Feature documentary, 2020

Directed by
Bruno Gularte Barreto

Writen by
Bruno Gularte Barreto and Vicente Moreno

Vulcana Cinema (BR), TAG / TRAUM Filmproduktion (DE) and Estranho Produções (BR)

PRODAV 04/2014, IDFA Bertha Fund (2015) / Desenvolvimento, NRW (2017) / Film und Medien Stiftung, PRODECINE – INOVAÇÃO DE LINGUAGEM – 05/2016

Distribution Brazil
Lança Filmes

5 HOUSES and 5 interconnected stories. An old teacher struggling to keep her home, a young man bullied for being gay, a nun expelled from the school she used to run, an old farmhand in a haunted farm and a boy whose parents died 20 years ago.